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Swiss Honeymoan - an installation by Mohsin Shafi (Lahore, Pakistan)

Music (composed, played and produced): Miron Andres

@ Atelier Mondial, Basel March 2019

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اوکھے لفظاں دے معنے / Okhay Lafzān da’i māe’nay
(Difficult are the meanings of words)

~ Madhu Lal Hussain

Video: Mohsin Shafi (Lahore, Pakistan)

Music: Miron Andres

@“Sagar Theatre on Queen’s Road “ - at collateral exhibition of the Lahore Biennale LB02 and is in collaboration with the Art Plaza, Pakistan, February 2020


Music: Dionysios Papanicolaou & Miron Andres

@ rue Pache, Paris, March 2019

3 pieces, improvised - viola da gamba & computer, analog synth

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