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This page is dedicated to Miron's (audio) art practice.

Since having touched the viola da gamba for the first time, Miron has been driven by improvisation. This practice is being evolved further into audio artistic projects. Sometimes improvised, sometimes composed, sometimes conceptual. 

The understanding of these art pieces is more that one of a visual artist than the one of a composer. Miron works with concepts, themes, political ideas and especially the abstract idea of cultural identity. 

His solo pieces aim to create a cross-cultural language. The sound itself must not be part of any culture. Cultural detachment is to be seen as the highest aim. Free from prejudice, free from any kind of religious or cultural oppression. The aim is freedom, the aim is full individual expression. The individual as a part of the collective, the collective as part of each individual. However, objectivity is impossible. We are always a product of our environment. Our upbringing. Our genes. 

Or are we? 

This is a question Miron is trying to answer in his music. These pieces are to be seen as studies. Studies of detachment of the own culture, which in this case does not seem to exist. Maybe in bits and pieces, ripped out between broken families and false ideas of belonging.

Click on the links below to find excerpts of recent works.

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